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Technical Pro Wireless Microphone with Digital Processing- Titanium

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Technical Pro’s engineers are consistently designing their gear and microphones with the highest quality parts and the idea that a great sound and ease of use are two of the most important ingredients! Their microphones are durable and strong and can be used in some of today’s most demanding recording environments. Technical Pro is now offering that same innovative technology and rugged design in their series of wireless microphones. The WMT77 Wireless Microphone with Digital Processing is a very inexpensive and quality built mic that is quickly rising to the top of the industry!

The WMT77 is complete wireless microphone system. Everything you need to transmit is included! This microphone is a professional Uni-Directional Dynamic mic. This means that the microphone is on axis to the speaker or singer it will not pick up a lot of ambient room sound or unwanted noise or distortion! This is perfect for a DJ in a loud club or a speaker inside a loud room or outside where there is little to no control over outside noise. The WMT77 includes a 10’ XRL 1/4” cable and a sturdy carrying case. Everything you need is included high quality parts a sleek design and at a price that is almost too low to believe!

If you are showcasing a product or making an announcement to a large audience, the benefits of walking around without the worry of messy wires is priceless! If you are a DJ, no need to worry about crossing microphone cables walk freely with mic in hand and impress your crowd too by showing them you are a professional using professional gear! From the ease of use to the sturdy construction to the lowest price fix on the market for such an advanced microphone, the WMT77 is leading the charge in its field! If you need more options be sure to check out the other wireless mics from Technical Pro!

Technical Pro’s groundbreaking new approach to industrial design incorporates advanced technology and striking good looks with rugged construction and a long list of features, providing years of audio enjoyment.

*Cardiod Dynamic Wireless Microphone

*Frequency Response: 100Hz-10kHz

*Service Area: 33 feet (10 meters)

*Wide Frequency Response - Several Frequencies

*Built in digital processor with processing >850sd

*10 Foot XLR to 1/4"" cable included

*Directivity: Uni-Directional

*Operating voltage: 1.5V DC

*Directivity: Uni-Directional

*Sensitivity: -72dB ±3dB

*Impedance: 600 ohm

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