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Supersonic 2 in 1 Wireless/Wired Professional Microphone - Black View

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The MKG66 Wired Microphone with Digital Processing is another fine microphone release from Technical Pro that can be used in number of ways and always capture a solid professional sound!

If you are addressing a conference room or showroom or if you are a DJ in a club or traveling from gig to gig and need to add a microphone to your set-up to talk to the crowd, make general announcements or even sing over your mixes, the MKG66 is the top choice on the market. This microphone is very durable and will always capture a full spectrum of frequencies. The MKG66 is on axis at all angles. It does not have to positioned in one spot in order to achieve its full potential. This is great luxury if you are moving around a lot or just need to pick up the microphone once in a while and do not want it on a microphone stand or another type of locked positioning. The MKG66 can be used in a number of other ways as well, talk to the audience in your conference room or make an announcement over the PA in your showroom. Included is a 10’ XLR cable that is connected to the base of the microphone. The other side can be connected into any standard XLR microphone input.

The MKG66 maintains a very stylish black design. Use the easy to move slider located on the front to turn it off and on throughout the night. Having the ability to turn the microphone on and off from the microphone itself is a very handy tool, you don’t need to worry about the crowd hearing something they shouldn’t, just turn the mic off temporarily and you’re all set! The MKG66 is a great tool for any studio or live sound set up. This microphone is very affordable and built to last and as with all of Technical Pro’s products it will give you the professional sound you are seeking in a professional microphone at a price that wont break the bank!

*10 Foot XLR to 1/4

*Impedance: 600 ohms

*Sensitivity: -72dB ±3dB

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